Please Inquire About Groups


Navigating the Path Through Divorce

Whether you have made the decision to divorce, or are living with the decision of another, the process of divorce can be complicated and emotionally draining. Group support led by a therapist and attorney mediator can provide not only emotional clarity, but a more individualized understanding of the divorce process and its implications on you, your family and loved ones. Please inquire about availability and alternative days/times. There will be a group for women and a group for men.

Anxiety and College Life

College can be a time for entertainment, intellectual growth, social exploration and career decisions. Each of those areas can be stressful alone. Add them all together in a college setting, and there is no doubt that anxiety can present itself. Whether you have struggled with anxiety your whole life, have come upon it recently, or only struggle periodically, this group can provide support, skills and normalization of  college life and all that comes with it.
Your Growing Family


The expectations around adding a baby to your family sometimes don't live up to the reality. Or maybe they do, but you aren't fully prepared for how much it can shift your own life and your relationships. No matter how wonderful or how challenging, it is a big change and with all big changes,there is benefit from the perspective and support of others.This group is open to anyone with a child ages 0-5.

333 S. Main St. Suite 203 Ann Arbor, MI 48104 . (203) 246.2002 .