Divorce Support

Become Empowered to Make Important Decisions

During each stage, decisions are required that may affect you and your family for many years to come. Some of these decisions are clouded by the emotional impact of divorce. Therapy can help empower you to create a vision for your future that will guide you toward decisions that are enduring, and support your goals as a single adult, or head of household.

Divorce support will also examine the changes that are required in everyday life so that you can transition from being a couple, to thriving as a newly single adult. While you were in a committed relationship, you each had specific roles and lived by agreements, “rules,” that no longer apply. In therapy, we will explore how to shift the roles and rules to support joy, values, and a new way of being. 

Work to Create a New Normal

Heal and Reclaim Joy


Finally, divorce support can be a place to heal. Divorce can be a painful end, and also a new beginning. When a major life change occurs, resources and support can make the difference between getting stuck, and moving forward. Divorce support can be one of the ways in which you continue to move forward and live to your full potential, with the joy you deserve. 

Divorce is a Process

As a relational therapist and family law attorney mediator, I have a unique perspective into the multifaceted process of divorce. This process begins when a person or couple contemplate their options, and continues through many predictable, but challenging stages. It does not necessarily end until long after papers are signed and new relationships are incorporated into your life and the lives of your children.

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