College Life

Transitioning from home to college and college to independence can be both exciting and overwhelming. College students are given the opportunity to explore many paths and pursue many opportunities. Sometimes, the amount of options, and the messages that college students receive about them, can be the source of anxiety, depression, or just plain discomfort. 

Breakthrough the Emotional Stress to Alleviate Anxiety and Depression

To many, this transition feels isolating. Actually, many college students experience a great deal of emotional stress during their years in school, but few are able to talk about it. Instagram, SnapChat and other social media paint a picture of effortless joy and social acceptance. This is, of course,  a limited snapshot into the complicated lives of college students. 

In therapy, I will help you explore some of the messages and expectations from your childhood and formulate a path to adulthood that will feel exciting and authentic. We will work toward expanding the interactions that you have with family members in order to allow for your growth and exploration. Most of all, we will work toward balance, joy and optimism, where anxiety and depression can no longer thrive.

Create Your Own Meaning for Your College Years and Beyond
Use Therapy to Walk the Bridge from Childhood to Adulthood

Therapy is a place to walk across the bridge from childhood to adulthood without judgment, and with goals that you have established in order to identify and fulfill your own hopes and dreams. 

From Home to College Life

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