"The best way out is always through."  - Robert Frost

Life moves in stages. During these stages we often experience challenges that can be personal, or within the context of our relationships. Understanding these stages and how to navigate them can alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, and prepare you for future transitions.


Some of the stages can be predictable; going to college, marriage, raising and launching children, and retirement.Others are unpredictable, such as divorce, loss of employment, or

death of a loved one.


During these transitional times, we can work together to provide

perspective, set goals, and alleviate symptoms. I provide a

nonjudgmental and compassionate environment that supports the

exploration of all issues.

I believe we each have a unique story and adapt to

change in our own way. Together, we will work to uncover

your strengths and explore your concerns so that you can

reinvigorate your life with balance, joy and supportive relationships.


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